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    She’s been up here for a few days, impaled
     and incessantly bleeding, eternally internally, 
     and it’s become boring, really —— a cycle of
     dying and waking up only to choke on her own 

    Footsteps approach and she strains to lift her
     head, flaxen locks dangling parallel to unmoving
     legs. Scarlet liquid trickles from the corner of her
     mouth as colorless lips part to speak.

         "Hey, can you help me down?
              I’m a little  STUCK.”


            “You’re anything but funny, Violet”

  She dips a weathered hand into the pocket of her overcoat,
     withdrawing the silver cased lighter. The white stick leaves
     her fingers to hang delicately from her lips as she sparks 
     it alight.
     An elbow leans against the back of her hand as eyes hang
     disinterested upon the young woman with the air of graceful
     aloofness that has become attributable to the neighbour. ]


             ”——-And certainly i’m not helping you down, dear”

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                          SISTER JUDE

                                        SAINT    JUDE;

                                      PRAY    FOR    US

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                                            of american horror story: murder house
                                            & asylum & in the  process of  watching

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AHS Murder House ⇨ Constance Langdon

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american horror story meme
↳[3/3] sad moments

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 It’s the darkness. It has me.

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